In banking, financial services, and insurance, information is money. But the volume of information that your company must create, track, monitor, or process can be overwhelming. Whether you are protecting your company, your clients, or other stakeholders, your success depends on getting the right information to the right people when and where they need it.

DDSPL has won the trust of financial, legal, and compliance professionals worldwide; they rely on our know-how to mitigate risk and stay compliant. Our broad range of services addresses the needs of various stakeholders within your organization. DDSPL’s investigative and monitoring services cover everything from a flagging a single transaction to reporting on an entire company and its management.

Our compliance services make regulatory monitoring and risk reporting simpler and more cost-efficient for firms of all sizes, industries, and locations. We can also provide back-office support services such as credit application processing, loan boarding, income verification, help desk support, and strategic Learning and Performance solutions for training development to ensure performance outcomes.

Our clients—banks, investment management groups, financial publishers, insurance companies, and law firms—are under tremendous pressure to improve shareholder value. DDSPL knows big savings is driven by a big change. DDSPL is an expert in the seamless integration of outsourced services that can be scaled swiftly to reduce overhead and eliminate fixed costs. That translates into reduced risk, satisfied clients, and shareholder value. And that’s the best kind of information money can buy.

DDSPL knows big savings is driven by a big change. Achieve significant ROI by integrating DDSPL’s learning and training, research, monitoring, and screening services into your existing workflows and processes.

  • Forensic & Investigative Services
  • Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Corporate Learning and Performance
  • Corporate Compliance Support
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Watchlist Screening
  • RegTech Solutions

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can’t trust just any provider: the services required by your industries are highly regulated. Content and resourcing strategies, document processing, even revenue cycle management must be tailored to meet unique corporate and legal requirements.

DDSPL’s 25 years of experience with customized customer care and back-office services powers our work for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can’t trust just any provider: the services required by your industries are highly regulated. Content and resourcing strategies, document processing, even revenue cycle management must be tailored to meet unique corporate and legal requirements.

DDSPL’s 25 years of experience with customized customer care and back-office services powers our work for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

• Healthcare
• Pharmaceuticals

We speak your language

Similarly, providing top-level customer support requires specific answers to specialized questions—often in numerous languages. And many services must be compliant with state or federal regulations or provided in an ISO-certified environment so the data remains secure.

Beyond the back office

We offer a singular combination of digital content, eLearning, and IT services that give our customers a proven competitive edge.
DDSPL can batch and convert any file format to any other digital format, translate those documents, design and compose them, tag them for compliance, and file them with the appropriate regulatory bodies.
We can help your marketing, labelling, and regulatory reporting remain compliant and can improve employee performance by engaging E-Learning and simulation-based training.

A healthy dose of cost-savings

By providing an end-to-end solution that integrates back-office and customer life cycle services with your company’s enterprise content management strategies and training programs, we ensure an optimistic prognosis for your year-end financial statement.

IT Services – Design, build, deploy and manage applications

Keeping up with IT innovation

The new world of mobile technologies and business without borders requires a solid, durable IT strategy and infrastructure to support the networks, servers, operating systems, and Cloud-based applications on which your entire business relies.
Succeeding in this brave new digital world requires nimble applications and an IT foundation pliable enough to evolve as technology and your company’s business goals change.

Portable IT

The IT architects, designers, and developers in DDSPL’s Information Technology practice partner with our customers’ business teams to design, build, and deploy applications—and manage the IT backbones that support them—for any business, and for far less than it would cost to do so in-house.

DDSPL’s IT Services practice:

• Designs and develops technology solutions
• Manages and supports IT infrastructure and servers
• Provides end-to-end quality assurance and testing services

And whether you need software or database engineers, network designers, or enterprise systems analysts and integrators, DDSPL can also place the right IT contractors with the right IT skills to fill any gaps in your own team’s expertise—short-term, or for the long haul.

A world of value for a digital planet

Most Companies turned to DDSPL for real cost savings and improved efficiencies.
The result?
Reliable, extensible IT foundations and enduring applications with real revenue potential.
We can do the same for your department, or enterprise-wide.

IT and high-tech companies expertly manage software and product development. But they must contend with another kind of information management, too.

A different kind of digital

Once that meant ink-and-paper manuals. Now it means online documentation and, increasingly, documentation for multichannel delivery that employees and customers can access a variety of mobile devices.

Content for customer and employee training is yet another type of digital information beyond managing 1’s and 0’s.

Accuracy or inaccuracy?

Imprecise, cumbersome documentation can mean frustration for your end-users and lost market share for you. For highly regulated industries, poor-quality documentation can mean noncompliance; inaccuracies can lead to safety violations that spell disaster.

Customized, quality documentation and courseware can become a new revenue centre. But a lack of internal resources can make it impossible to create, manage, and deliver the content your customers need and your clients desire.

A new kind of development strategy.

In a competitive and sometimes perplexing digital world, a successful content strategy must be fueled by discerning content development, durable workflows, and razor-sharp technology expertise.

With the right content strategy from DDSPL, you can transition to a digital-first workflow, effectively reuse legacy content, and create high-quality training materials and documentation that give you a real edge and take advantage of the convenience and interactive possibilities of mobile devices.

A better kind of digital

DDSPL’s advanced information development and management strategies provide easy access to the information employees need, and accurate information for clients and regulators—when and how they want it.

Control litigation costs. Mitigate risk. Remain compliant. Maximize attorney fees and minimize vendor expenses. And practice law at the same time. Easier said than done.

Do more. But don’t charge more.

DDSPL’s team of expert paralegals outputs top-notch document summaries and indexes, medical record digests, and audio-video transcriptions—all of which are reviewed by experienced attorneys. Our staff attorneys also produce judgment and deposition summaries and offer world-class contract review, legal research, and legal drafting services.

Many firms, small and large, can no longer handle the collection, storage, review, and coding of documents in-house for a large case. DDSPL’s eDiscovery and Managed Document Review teams can help clear backlogs, mitigate overflow going forward, and reduce expenses across the board.

Our large, dedicated legal practice can provide 24×7 support for most services, and our controlled-access, surveilled work areas are HIPAA and ABA compliant to ensure that your confidential data is protected and secure.

By turning over your administrative functions to DDSPL, you can reduce support and administrative staff without sacrificing quality and turnaround time.

Services and End Products

Whether you are Corporate Council or a Partner at a law firm, DDSPL has solutions that allow you to focus on mission-critical tasks while we take on administrative and support functions.

The twenty-first century’s digital insurgency has sent all types of publishers scrambling for answers to game-changing questions.

What digital products will generate the most profit, and for which devices? How do you untangle inefficient print-based workflows and transform legacy printed content for digital delivery?

Most importantly: Will retailers and search engines rank your publications high enough to attract more readers than your competition?

Smart Content, Smart Technology, Smart People

Whether you’re producing a sixth-grade geography textbook, a New York Times bestseller, sales training, journal articles, magazines, or business-to-business directories, digital publishing requires smart content, smart technology, and smart people to put it all together.

DDSPL brings you more than 25 years of publishing expertise and subject matter experts who understand the specific workflows and operations of every type of publisher:

• Professional Publishing
• Educational Publishing
• Trade and Consumer Publishing
• Magazine Publishing
• Business-to-Business Publishing

We do what we do best—so you can, too

Our core competency is a digital content development and content technology innovation. With DDSPL, you get back the time you need to focus on your own core competency—content—and your core concerns: brand, product, and audience.