Data Conversion

Data conversion is one of the areas in the field of data entry that is emerging as a high-growth service. The outsourcing of data conversion services is a priority for many global majors. If you are looking to outsource data conversion, DOCUDIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED fulfils all your needs related to data conversion.

DOCUDIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a pioneer in providing data conversion services. By providing global customers with cost-effective services without compromising on quality, DOCUDIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED has become a leading provider of data conversion services.

Our Data Conversion Services

We provide a wide range of file format conversions and data digitization services. Here’s a brief of our data conversion capabilities:

• PDF Conversion Services
• Word Formatting Services
• Electronic Document Management (EDM)
• XML Conversion Services
• Book Conversion Services
• Document Digitizing Services
• Document Conversion Services
• File Format Conversion Services
• SGML Conversion Services
• HTML Conversion Services

We can help you to successfully meet the following data conversion objectives:

• Aggregating and organizing your data
• Digitizing your data and documents
• Preventing data loss and storing data in the most usable formats
• Getting rid of unnecessary data
• Reverse engineering of data
• Reusing data as per requirements
• Utilizing data for research and business intelligence purposes

We are also adept at the following:

• Converting Quark, Interleaf, FrameMaker and PageMaker documents into XML, SGML, HTML and OEB documents
• FTP, CD and DVD media format conversion services
• Data vectorization services
• Data harmonization
• Microfiche conversion services
• Image format conversion services

The Benefits of Data Conversion

Data conversion has many benefits and the primary ones are to do with data capture and storage in an electronic format.

• Converting data from an unstructured format into an electronic one. This is a form of data format conversion. This would help in structuring the data to coherent and meaningful information.
• Aggregating data from traditional sources like paper and file-based formats into digital formats. Data entry conversion thus prevents the data loss for any organization.
• Digital imaging conversion that stores the images in a digital format. This is used for identification and recognition of individuals and their records.
• Converting PDF documents into MS Word formats and vice versa. This is one of the services offered for book conversion and is accepted as a huge benefit in the world of publishing.
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Why Outsource Data Conversion?

Data conversion can be outsourced to a third-party vendor to reduce costs and ensure a quick turnaround time. If you are looking to outsource data conversion services, you should opt for India as your destination. There are many good reasons for this. Some of them are:

1. Cost-effectiveness
Data conversion in India has obvious cost advantages due to the availability of highly skilled manpower at affordable rates.

2. Easily convert all documents into digital formats
You can convert data from whichever format you have into an electronic one easily and effectively by engaging the services of outsourcing providers like DOCUDIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED.

3. Save on resources
Outsourcing data conversion saves you the trouble of hiring otherwise expensive resources in your home country. This is due to the wage differential between western countries and India.