Document Management Services


EDMS or Electronic document management services are extensively used in the field of document management and it is one of the emerging areas as far as data entry outsourcing is concerned. If you are looking to cut costs in your data entry space, you can benefit a lot by choosing a provider in India. There are several providers in India who can help you out in data entry. Outsourcing EDMS can help you save on costs and give you access to reliable service. Also, because of the time zone difference, your services can be delivered ahead of schedule.

What is EDMS?

EDMS or Electronic document management services are web-based software that is used to store documents and manage them. EDMS is extensively used in the software industry, especially in the area of document management.

How does EDMS work?

EDMS stores the documents in its database and allows front end view for the same. Users can browse through the documents present in a directory format and access them in the tree structure in which the files are placed. The view of the users depends on the kind of access rights that they have. For e.g. a high-level user with reading and write access can open the documents and edit them whereas someone with only view access can only open the document in a “read-only mode”.

What are the benefits of using EDMS?

  1. Restricted access to sensitive documents
  2. Better document management
  3. Document conversion service facility

1. Sensitive document management

EDMS can be used to store sensitive documents and highly confidential files. The access rights of the documents can be set according to the level of confidentiality that is required. Also, the documents can be tagged as normal, confidential and highly confidential which results in their rights being set appropriately.

2. Better document management

EDMS offers better document management in terms of usability and version control. The documents are version controlled which ensures that the latest version is available for updation and the previous versions are tagged. One more feature of EDMS is the ability to retrieve earlier versions of the documents in case the last updated version is lost due to technical glitches.

3. Document conversion services

EDMS allows the conversion of documents from one format to the other enhancing their versatility and readability. This is a convenient feature for those who do not have all the word processing software on their desktops. By this, any user who has a PDF file but does not have the appropriate software to edit it can convert the same into MS Word and use the document.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing EDMS to DOCUDIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED are:

• A high level of service guaranteed for your business
• A competent and skilled workforce that has considerable expertise in data entry and  document management in particular
• Cost-effective services that can help you save on your costs towards data entry
• Quicker turnaround time that helps your business stay ahead of the competition

Finally, document management is a highly specialized and critical function for any organization. Therefore, it would be prudent for you to choose the right vendor for these services. Read more about File Format Conversion Services and Document Conversion Services. Look no further than DOCUDIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED where you can be assured of quality services – Contact Us.