Document Digitizing Services

The IT boom has made the world techno-savvy. Today everything, right from shopping to education, is done online through the World Wide Web. With the Internet becoming the most convenient and easily accessible mode of data transfer, there has been an increase in the need for converting data into digital formats.

A separate line of businesses providing document digitizing services has emerged to fulfil the unending demand of the customers who want to convert their documents into digital formats. DOCUDIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the forerunners in this line of business.

It’s very important to first understand what exactly is document digitizing and why is it essential, especially for the corporate world.

What is document digitizing?

Document conversion is the process of converting paper documents into digital formats. By converting your documents into digital formats, you can preserve your documents. Services allied with such conversion work are termed as Document Digitizing Services. Any kind of document or data, right from texts, images, audio, video, business cards, books, periodicals to newspapers, can be digitized and converted into:

• A digital format such as text, HTML, XML, pdf, doc, Xls, gif, jpeg, tiff and MDB amongst others
• Any media such as CD, tape, or Zip disk
Further, digitized documents can be shared with anyone, irrespective of the geographical location, through data sharing mediums like the Internet, FTP, VPN, and Telnet.

Why is document digitizing?

There are many benefits of shifting to digitized documents. Digital documents and data are:

• Easy to preserve
• Easy to store, retrieve and update
• Easy to clone
• Quickly accessible
• Easy to share and transport
• Compatible with all modes of digital data transfer

Who can provide document digitizing services?

India is emerging as a potential service provider of document digitizing services, and DOCUDIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a synonym to quality service. The organization uses high-end infrastructure and technology to provide global customers with quality services ahead of schedule.


1. Identifying the need: The customer’s need is identified and captured in this stage to understand their exact requirement
2. Collecting and aligning documents: The documents are collected from the customer and aligned properly in this stage. Special care is taken to remove all foreign objects like pins, paper clips, thread, spiral bind and others
3. Scanning the documents: The aligned documents are then scanned properly and saved as an image file
4. Transferring to a digital format: The scanned documents/images are converted into text files by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The output is then manually checked by proofreaders before converting it into the desired digital format
5. Indexing the documents: The documents are saved with detailed file names so that they can be easily retrieved whenever needed
6. Organizing the documents: The documents are organized into separate or combined PDF files as per the customers’ requirements
7. Packaging the digitized documents: The digitized documents are checked for quality. The error-free digitized data is burnt onto a CD, packaged properly and delivered to the customer